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by Roy on May 27, 2010

Welcome to Canvasmall.com! We are happy to have you here.
Let me introduce myself. You can call me stef, I am the voice of canvasmall.com. What do canvas’ have to talk about, you might be asking yourself. Well actually quite a lot. I will update you on new canvas ideas and uses, canvasmall.com happenings and so much more. Don’t worry I will work to make all posts interesting, informative and of course entertaining.

My first post- how exciting for both of us. I gotta start with why I took this blog writing job in the first place. I believe in the mission of canvasmall.com. I know its weird to believe in the mission of a photo canvas printing website, but I do. I know the owners, they have been friends for years and have also been working in the photo industry forever, so they know all there is to know about photos and printing. They are really working to create a better product and company and work ethic. They have been terrific and invited me into their homes and onto their team.

Stefanie hiking in Arizona.

So lets get to the point, to the nitty gritty of the matter. We, at canvasmall.com have a new idea to creating your own photo canvas. We take canvas printing seriously, while having a little bit of fun, so you can get the best product possible. At Canvasmall.com we have made the entire process simple and understandable.¬†Unlike other websites that offer choices, but don’t explain what they are. We get that you may not know what thickness means or how to choose the best border. We are here to help. Each option has a little question mark that when you click on it, it will explain what the option means. Other sites don’t explain and just try to push you to the most expensive option. Here at canvasmall.com we want you to get the right canvas print for you. Of course we are here to hold your hand every step along the way, but don’t worry we won’t let your hand get sweaty.

Here at canvasmall.com we know price is important to you. Did you like my used car sales man pitch? Well all kidding aside, other websites use their confusing size charts and price scales. We have made it simple. We offer a drop down list of possible sizes and put the price big in the bottom left hand corner. We are not trying to hide anything, no Enron guys working for us. The price updates automatically so you always know how much it is going to cost. And of course we offer competitive, low prices.

We offer friendly, fast and reliable phone and web support for any questions that my arise. So feel free to be in touch. I also would love to talk to you through the blog. Feel free to post and comment and ask questions as much as you would like.

I hope you will keep up with me and all the excitement that canvas blogging brings.

Thanks for visiting! See you next time!

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Kelley May 27, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Looks like you offer a competitive product at a good price. Plus a great sale pitch! I love the look of photos printed on canvas.

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