Canvas Border Options made easy.

by Roy on July 7, 2010

Picking the right border options for your canvas.

There are a lot of questions to ask when buying a photo canvas. It is going to be a statement piece in your home. Personaly I think the border is the most important becuase the border makes the biggest difference visualy. The border also translates to how you can hang and frame the photo canvas. Lets break down the canvas border options and hopefully make it easier to choose the right one for you.

We will  give you the down and dirty about each one.

Gallery-Wrap image around edge:

Gallery wrap, Image is wrapped around the canvas

Gallery Wraped Canvas Print. Image is used instead of a border.

This is my favorite and is also the most popular canvas stretching option. The gallery wrap basically means the image countinues (and is ‘wrapped’) around the edge/border of your image. So no matter which side or angle you are you viewing the canvas from, you will always see the image and nothing else.

The printers at will position the image to make sure no vital parts of the image are cropped while  allowing some of the image to cover the edges. When the picture is posted on the wall you get to view  something interesting from any angle. It is especialy nice when you have a landscape, then the trees or ocean are wraped nicely over the edges. It ads a lot to the canvas and allows the canvas to stand on its own without a frame.

Sometime an image doesn’t leave you with much room to crop/wrap… in this case you might want to consider one of these canvas border options:

Sampled from image:

This option means the printer will ‘Sample’ a color directly from your image and use that for the border color . You can choose a color from your image; your baby’s dress, the color of the sky, or the house color. Anything you want. This is perfect for if your image has a certain color that you would like to emphasize and match in your border.

Sampled Border color

When there's no room to wrap, a 'Sample color' border might be best

Alternatively, you may pick the White or Black border options… The black border will give your canvas print a bolder look, the white is a good option for a more subtle, cleaner simpler look.

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