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by Roy on May 30, 2010

The owners of OnlineCanvasPrinting.com have been in the photography business for over 40 years combined. They know the  ins and outs of photography,  photo printing, canvas prints and stretching,  they know all the terms, measurements and tools that are used. They are experts in the field.

I however am not.  My only experience with any of this stuff is that I have been dating Roy (a professional photographer) for over two years. Before I started dating him I didn’t even own a camera. Anyway when he told me that he wanted to start a blog for canvasmall.com to talk about different options and decorating ideas, I told him that I would like to do it. I like to write and share ideas, but most importantly I am a newbie at all this photo stuff and I will be able to break it down to understandable language and descriptions. I will be able to pull out the important info to share with you and not bore you with the technical staff. It was actually for people like me that the canvas site was designed for…
The canvasmall.com blog is here  to give you needed information for getting the best canvas for you and to answer your questions about canvas printing process and options. As well as to give you new,creative and exciting decorating tips.

Stay tuned for information to inform and excite your creative side. Thanks for reading.

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