Canvas Sizes

Canvas Print Sizes

Choosing the right canvas size to order…


Certain sizes (including all squarerrs, such as 16×16) will crop from your image… If the printer working on your canvas feels that too much is being cropped he/she will contact you and make suggestions how to best solve the issue.
Canvas Print sizes
Image Quality
In the spirit of quality-first, we will not print any order unless we find your uploaded image meets the quality requirements for the print size you’ve selected. If your image’s quality is toopoor, a printing specialist will contact you and discuss the best canvas size for your image.
multi panel canvas print
3 panel canvas prints

When choosing a multi panel canvas. Your image is automatically split into multipule panels which are streched seperately from one another. When these panels are hung, a space is left between them, creating a unique and eye-catching effect.

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