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by Roy on June 1, 2010

Today I had one of those amazing encounters that makes you feel good about mankind. I was leaving work running to catch the tain, I had about 10 minutes to get there before it left. I was speed walking to the turnstile and was rummaging through my wallet to find my metrocard, but couldn’t find it fast enough. I could hear the train coming. Then I heard someone say “go ahead, I got you” I looked up and this guy had swiped his card and was letting me use the swipe. At $2.25 a swipe it was a not a small thing. I quickly went through and said thank you.

It was one of those gestures that make you feel good and smile for hours after it happens. I don’t feel like I properly said thank you to the man so I wanted to write this post, putting it out in the universe that I appreciate what he did for me. feels the same way. Right from the beginning has been donating photo canvases to a variety of charities. Giving back is a core principal of I personally always like knowing that the company I buy from cares and gives back to it’s community.

Canvas donation showcased at Chinese auction

Canvas donation showcased at Chinese auction

Just this past month donated a canvas to Chinese auctions run by Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, and the New York Junior League. 2 New York based non profit organizations.

They also introduced a special canvas discount program for Americorps *VISTA volunteers (drop us a line for more information!).

I hope you will also pay it forward. See you next time.


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